Facultatea de Management În Producție și transporturi

Universitatea politehnica timișoara


Hotel Timisoara, http://hoteltimisoara.ro/ro/

Hotel Central, http://www.hotel-central.ro/rezervare-hotel-central-timisoara.html

Hotel Savoy, http://www.hotelsavoytimisoara.ro/

Hotel Perla, https://hotelperla.ro/

Boutique Pension Park, http://www.pensiuneapark.ro/index.html

Politehnica University of Timisoara own hotels (special reservation is needed, please contact the members of the Organizing Committee):  

Casa Poli 1 (http://www.upt.ro/Informatii_casa-politehnicii-1_273_ro.html)

Casa Poli 2 (http://www.upt.ro/Informatii_casa-politehnicii-2_413_ro.html)

  Venue Information

Number of kilometers to the nearest international airport?

To Timisoara – Romania airport     14 km (http://www.aerotim.ro/index.php?lang=en

To Budapest – Hungary airport       280 km (http://www.bud.hu/english)

To Belgrade – Serbia airport            170 km (https://beg.aero/eng) 

How to get to Timisoara - transfer from the airport to the city (price per person)?

  • From the Timisoara Airport by taxi (the taxi company will have an agreement for picking up guest of the conference, at a special price of 6-10 Euro)
  • From Budapest airports with the travel agency Recreation: http://www.recreation.ro/index-english.php (35 Euro Budapest-Timisoara; 35 Euro Timisoara – Budapest, reservation is needed)
  • From Belgrade airport with the travel agency Recreation: http://www.recreation.ro/index-english.php (120 Euro/3 persons with small car, 160 Euro/ 8 persons with small bus)
  • From Bucharest airport, there are 4 flights / day to the Timisoara Airport.


Timisoara is the European Capital of Cultural in 2021


 Location map – for the conference