Facultatea de Management În Producție și transporturi

Universitatea politehnica timișoara

Technical requirements for preparing YOUR virtual presentations

·   All submitted abstracts and papers must be presented at the conference. To make it possible, all virtual presenters are expected to record a voice-over PowerPoint presentation narrated in English language in the duration from 5 to 7 minutes.

·     STEPS TO DO:

1. Prepare 10-12 slides!

2. Record your explanations on each slide (from ”Slide show” – ”Record slide show”) no longer than 7 minutes!

3. Save the ppts file as mp4 file! Name of the file should be as following: 

        ID no_name of the first author (e.g., 85_Popescu_Smith)

4. Upload the mp4 file to the following Google Drive section - DEADLINE 16 JUNE 2020

Your virtual presentation (via ZOOM facilities settled by the Organizing Committee)

·    Preliminary conditions to participate:

  1. Be online and available 10 minutes before the session starts and be sure that you have decided to join the appropriate virtual room.
  2. Have a reliable and fast internet connection.
  3. Test your microphone and video camera.
  4. Have a non-distracting environment around you during the presentation. The room you are using should be both quiet and the background used as plain as possible.

·   Participants, authors and co-authors of the papers will enter the virtual room only by simple clicking the appropriate session name on the conference.

· In each virtual room, there is a moderator/session chair that coordinates the online activities (taking care of starting the presentation videos in appropriate moment, appointing the presenters, taking care of time etc.).

· The mp4 files of each paper will be presented / played in virtual rooms dedicated to the parallel session (technical support will be assured by the Organizing Committee).

· The authors will be present in the virtual room and be able to answer the questions or comments asked by the participants who are present in the virtual room.

· In case, other materials would be used for presentation during the virtual session, author/participant should ask permission to the session chair to facilitate the share screen.

· The moderator starts your video presentation and enables discussion afterwards (5 to 10 minutes / paper). In the role of a presenter, you can answer the questions and discuss them with other participants. Moderator takes care of technical details.