About us

   In 1990 due to the great social and economic transformations that resulted in an acute demand of industrial management specialists (among others), a new profile within the Faculty of Mechanics was created: Production Systems Engineering under the direct organization of the Management Chair.

   This profile is the result of the initiative of the Management Chair (former Organization Chair), to which other university centers in the country have joined, such as: Cluj-Napoca, Sibiu, Bucharest and Iasi.

   In 1990, the first admission was organized, for only a single group of students however, but due to the increasing dynamics it reached four groups in 1992, each corresponding to the basic profiles of the Polytechnic: Mechanics, Chemistry, Construction and Electrotechnics.

   In the same year, 1992, the name of the profile is changed to: ECONOMIC ENGINEERING, being already a well-known and implemented profile in 18 faculties in the country.

   In 2005, the Economic Engineering profile changed its name to Engineering and Management.

   Since 2006, the Management Chair also absorbed the former Economic as well as Social and Human Sciences Chair, becoming an even stronger entity within the university entitled the Management Department, which currently has a staff of about 30 tenured teachers and more than 20 research assistants (full time PhD students).

Currently, the Management Department consists of two collectives:

  • the "ENGINEERING AND MANAGEMENT" specialty collective, which guides the field of study of Engineering and Management at all three levels: through the four economic engineering specializations at bachelor’s degree level, as well as the three masters and the doctoral studies;

  •  the "ECONOMIC AND ADMINISTRATIVE SCIENCES" specialty collective, which guides the specific field of study of Administrative Sciences, with the specialization of public administration at bachelor’s degree level.

   Therefore, the range of preoccupations in the teaching and research field is a special one, very varied and diversified, because our department has a special status in the "Politehnica" University from Timisoara, as it provides teaching activities in all bachelor and postgraduate specializations, where, according to the curriculum, managerial or socio-economic subjects are provided.

   Regarding the research directions and the scientific preoccupations of the staff, within the Department there is an internally accredited Research Center in "ENGINEERING AND MANAGEMENT" with two major research axes:

1. Research Direction "Innovation and Competitiveness in Engineering and Management"

2. Research Direction "Innovation and Competitiveness in Economy and Administration"

   Within the two research directions several sub-directions will be developed in line with:

  • the research topics proposed within the internally accredited Research Center in "ENGINEERING AND MANAGEMENT",

  • the defined preoccupations within the Doctoral School in Engineering and Management.

   The mission of the Management Department is to become a pedagogical and research excellence center in the field of engineering and management, as well as in economic-administrative sciences, with a well-defined academic identity, capable of providing itself with a favorable image both internally and internationally, renown and an active presence in the business, economic and social euro-regional environment.

The operational plan of the Management Department for the year 2017 (in Romanian) can be found HERE.