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   In the year 1948 after the education reform, The Faculty of Agriculture Mechanization belonging to the Tudor Vladimirescu Agronomic Institute of Craiova was established in Timisoara. In 1962, the faculty changes its name in the Faculty of Agricultural Mechanics with the passage under the administration of the Traian Vuia Polytechnic Institute of Timisoara.

   The year 1992 determines the formation of a new educational program, the first in our country and among the few in East Europe: Road Circulation Systems Engineering due to a high demand of road and rail specialists. The faculty changes again its name and profile in the Faculty of Agriculture and Road Traffic Machinery.

   In 1990, due to a high demand of specialists in industrial management, within the Mechanical Faculty a new section is founded: Production Systems Engineering under the direct administration of the Management Department. This section is the result of the Management Department initiative, joined by other three university centres from Cluj-Napoca, Bucharest and Brasov.

   If in 1990 the admission is organized for a single group of students, in 1992 due to an increased dynamics, the admission is organized for four groups of students, corresponding to the basic Polytechnic programs: mechanical, chemistry, constructions and electrical engineering.

  In the same year, the name of the program changes in ECONOMICAL ENGINEERING, an already known and implemented program in more than 18 faculties in our country.

   ÎIn 1996 the administration of the Polytechnic University of Timisoara decides the union of the two programs in a new faculty: the Faculty of Management in Production and Transportation. The program Road Circulation Systems Engineering is transformed in Transportation Engineering, with a mechanical profile. The 1996 structure operates till today in the former headquarters of the Faculty of Agricultural Mechanics.

   In 2005, Economical Engineering becomes the Engineering and Management specialization.
The students graduating the Management in Production and Transportation Faculty are working in prestigious organizations like: Continental Corporation, Hella, P&G, Coca-Cola, etc. and many others have opened their own businesses.