Research Center for Engineering and Management (RCEM)

   RCEM is affiliated to the Management Department, Faculty of Management in Production and Transportation from the Politehnica University of Timisoara. The research directions of the RCEM are represented by “Engineering and Management”, and “Public Administration”.

   RCEM's mission is to become a center of excellence in research, focused on both basic and applied research. In this regard:

a) The RCEM mission aligns with the UPT mission, supporting at the same time the FMPT research mission and that of the Management Department;

b) The RCEM's mission is to expand the research network and to increase the visibility of the research activities carried out by the members of the center;

c) The research activity within RCEM is carried out by teachers, doctoral students and master students, taking into account the areas of interest of each affiliated researcher and the concerns of each project team, respectively research grant.

  RCEM's vision aims to strengthen competitive research teams, increase the quality of research results, strengthen the material base needed for research and attract and train the skills of young researchers. In this regard:

a) The RCEM vision is connected to the research vision of UPT, FMPT and the Management Department

b) Increasing the quality of research results aims to publish them mainly in specialized journals indexed Web of Science (Clarivate Analitycs) and increase the number of research contracts won and funds attracted

c) The development of the material base takes place mainly through the endowment of the research laboratories that offer logistic support to RCEM;

  Statute and research plan - Click statut and research plan

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