The Research Center for Engineering and Management (RCEM) conducts a series of events and scientific activities, meetings and debates in order to become a center of excellence in internationally connected research. Below are events with an impact in the area of research.

   This section is dedicated to the presentation of national and international events.

1. Meetings to improve research capacity organized at the entity level

  • The workshop entitled "Round table for young researchers" held during the MPT Days, April 18, 2024 -  click for the program HERE.
  • The series of workshops dedicated to questionnaire-based research that will take place between March and May 2024, 212 room, SPM, Ph.D. Student Timea Cisma:
    • 20.03.2024, 18.30, Questionnaire - purpose, objectives and design - click for presentation HERE
    • 03.04.2024, 18.30, Implementation and application of the questionnaire - click for presentation HERE
    • 17.04.2024, 18.30, Analysis of research results - descriptive statistics 2 -  click for presentation HERE
    • 4.04.2024, 18.30, Analysis of research results - inferential analysis - click for presentation HERE
  • The workshop entitled „Exploring the benefits of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® in higher education active learning” - ResearchTalk 3, coordinated by the lecture Șerban MICLEA, Ph.D., 07 Decembrie 2023, 12.00 - 14.00 P.M., 14 Remus Street, Google room.
  • The workshop entitled "How and where do we do research in the Faculty of Management in Production and Transport?" - ResearchTalk 2 - April 20, 2023, 1:30 p.m. - 4:00 p.m., on-site - click HERE
  • The workshop entitled "Escape Rooms as a game-based learning process" coordinated by the lecturer eng. Cella Buciuman, December 13, 2022, 3:00 PM, CCIM (on-site).
  • Webinar entitled "How to develop a career in procurement and supply chain", panellists Dorina Surdu, Wojciech Minda, and Vlad Ghita. Event responsible: Assoc. Prof. Mircea Negruț, PhD. Invitation. (28.11.2022)
  • End of the project entitled "Improving financial education for the students of the Politehnica University of Timișoara" - EduFinUPT, project for the community, coordinated by Prof. Larisa Ivașcu, A1 room, 21.11.2022. The activity of strengthening financial education will continue through RCEM.
  • Webinar entitled "Value slipping through your fingers: enhanced procurement contributing to the success of your company", panellists Corina Curelaru, George Ungureanu, and Lukasz Mazurowski. Event responsible: Assoc. Prof. Mircea Negruț, PhD. Invitation. (19.05.2022)
  • Workshop entitled "Marketing - an important element in the world economy and foreign trade", specially invited Răzvan Marian Pîrcălăbescu, economic and commercial advisor of the Romanian Embassy in the United Mexican States. (23.03.2022)
  • Workshop entitled "Current approaches in the management of scientific information and research results - Anelis Plus 2020", prof. Univ. dr. Luminița Silaghi-Dumitrescu, president of the Anelis Plus Association. Agenda. Invitation.  (29.10.2021)
  • Collaboration opportunities between the Politehnica University of Timisoara and the University of Mondragón, Spain (https://www.mondragon.edu/en/home), by prof. Albert Jose Eguren Eguiguren (04.06.2021)
  • “Theory of Attractive Quality. Kano Model - New Developments ” by prof. Arash Shahin from Isfahan University, Isfahan, Iran.
  • "Management of bibliographic resources", by prof. George CĂRUȚAȘU (moderated meeting by prof. Anca Drăghici) - Click HERE
  • "The future of Management", by Peter LEESON (moderated meeting by prof. Anca Drăghici) - Click HERE

2. Scientific manifestations 

  • Partener in organizing the SIM 2023 Conference: 7th International Symposium in Management Reinventing Management in Turbulent Times 20-21 October 2023, Timisoara, Romania (on-site) - Click AICI.
  • Partener in organizing the SIM 2021 Conference: 16th International Symposium in Management - Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Challenging Global Times, 22-23 October 2021, Timisoara, Romania (online) - Click AICI.
  • Partner in organizing the SoCTA 2021 conference - 6th International Conference on Soft Computing: Theories and Applications, December 17-19, 2021, Rajasthan, India  - Click HERE
  • Conference entitled 24th INFER Annual Conference, June 8-10, 2022, Timisoara, Romania. Click HERE.
  • The conference entitled "500 years since the first document in Romanian: Neacșu's letter - homage to Bucharest and Câmpulung - analog and online" in which conf.dr.ing.habil. Larisa IVAȘCU presented the communication entitled "Digital communication in the era of the new economy". Click HERE.
  • International Conference on Sustainability in Energy and Buildings SEB-21, 15-17 September 2021, Split, Croatia - Click HERE
    • Invited session entitled "Sustainability management in energy and buildings" coordinated by assoc.prof. Larisa IVAȘCU, prof. Lucian-Ionel CIOCA, prof. Lakhami C JAIN - Click HERE
    • Contact: larisa.ivascu@upt.ro
  • Interactive Workshop entitled "Multiplier Event: Multimedia Competencies for University Staff to Empower University – Community Collaborations", 22 octombrie 2021 (workshop coordinated by prof. dr. ing. Anca DRĂGHICI) - Click HERE  
  • ErgoWork Business Webinar  entitled „The Achievements of the Urban Link Project”, 21 octombrie 2021 (workshop coordinated by prof. dr. ing. Anca DRĂGHICI)- Click HERE 
  • INFER Workshop entitled "Monetary policy, asset prices and the real economy in Central and Eastern Europe” (workshop coordinated by prof. dr. ec. Claudiu ALBULESCU)
  • INFER Workshop entitled "Energy and environmental policies: new macro-financial implications" (workshop coordinated by prof. dr. ec. Claudiu ALBULESCU)

3. Journal 

  • Discover Sustainability Journal, special issue „Eco-Innovation, CSR, and Beyond: Catalyzing Sustainable Change Through Green Technologies”, guest editors dr. Muddassar SARFRAZ and prof. dr. ing. Larisa IVAȘCU, 2023-2024 - Click AICI.
  • International Journal of Organizational Leadership, volumul Sustainable Management and Leadership Practices for Enhancing Business Performance, guest editors dr. Muddassar SARFRAZ and prof. dr. eng. Larisa IVAȘCU, 2023 - Click HERE.
  • Journal of International Development, Global Challenges for Developing Economies: Strategies for Inclusive and Sustainable Growth, guest editors prof. univ. dr. ec. Claudiu ALBULESCU, Inmaculada Martinez-Zarzoso and Dimitrios Paparas, 2022 - Click HERE.
  • Merits Journal, Special Issue Talent Management – A Paradigm Shift in Human Resources Management?, guest editor prof. univ. dr. eng. Anca DRĂGHICI - Click AICI.
  • Human Systems Management, associate editors prof. univ. dr. eng. Anca DRĂGHICI - Click HERE.
  • J Journal - volume “Artificial intelligence, Machine learning and Blockchain Technology for Sustainable Organization”, guest editors assoc. prof. dr. eng. Florin DRĂGAN and assoc.prof. dr. eng. Larisa IVAȘCU - Click HERE.
  • International Journal of Work Organization and Emotion - volume "Antecedents and Outcomes of Emotion Management in Service Organizations", guest editors assoc.prof. dr. eng. Larisa IVAȘCU and dr. Muddassar SARFRAZ - Click HERE.
  • Energies Journal - volume “Accelerating the Digital Economy, Energy Consumption through Blockchain Technology, and Sustainable Development”, guest editors assoc.prof. dr. eng. Larisa IVAȘCU, dr. Muddassar SARFRAZ and dr. Muhammad MOHSIN - Click HERE.
  • Frontiers in Psychology - Organizational Psychology - volume "Sustainable Digital Economy, Entrepreneurship, and Blockchain Technology role in Industrial-Organizational Psychology", guest editors Dr. Muddassar Sarfraz, associate professor dr. Larisa IVAȘCU and Dr. Muhammad Ibrahim Abdullah - Click HERE
  • Etikonomi Journal - special issue „Leadership and Management in Times of Public Health Crisis”, guest editors conf.dr.ing. Larisa IVAȘCU and dr. Muddassar SARFRAZ - Click HERE
  • Sustainability Journal - special issue „Synergies between Ergonomics and Sustainability for Work-Place Wellbeing—Solutions for Efficient and Effective Occupational Risk Management”, guest editors prof.dr.ing. Anca DRĂGHICI and conf.dr.ing. Nicoleta CĂRUȚAȘU - Click HERE
  • Safety Journal - special issue „Ergonomics and Sustainability”, guest editor assoc.prof. Larisa IVAȘCU - Click HERE
  • Resources Journal - special issue „Renewables Application: Challenges and Perspectives”, guest editors dr. Elena Cristina Rada, Prof. Dr. Elena Magaril, assoc.prof. Larisa IVAȘCU - Click HERE
  • Human Systems Management - special issue „Changes and Challanges of Human Systems Management during and  after the Pandemic, guest editor prof. Anca DRĂGHICI - Click HERE
  • Kosmos Publisher - board member assoc.prof. Larisa IVAȘCU - Click HERE
  • Scientific Bulletin of Politehnica University of Timisoara, Transaction on Engineering and Management, editor prof. dr. ing. Anca DRĂGHICI - Click HERE 
  • International Journal of Management, Knowledge and Learning, member in editorial board prof. dr. ing. Anca DRĂGHICI - Click HERE 
  • Coronavirus Crisis, Energy Markets and Policies and Their Macro-Financial Implications, guest editor prof. dr. ec. Claudiu ALBULESCU - Click HERE
  • International Journal of Information Systems and Project Management, member in editorial board prof. dr. ing. Anca DRĂGHICI - Click HERE. 

4. Book

  • Risk Management - editors dr. Muddassar SARFRAZ, assoc.prof. Larisa IVAȘCU - click HERE
  • Sustainability and Innovation in Manufacturing Enterprises (springer Publisher) - editors prof. Anca DRĂGHICI, assoc.prof. Larisa IVAȘCU - Click HERE

5. Debate

  • "Storyboarding research" - 2nd edition, 14.04.2022, 13.00 (event during the MPT Days - 6th edition) - hybrid- click HERE
  • The European Federation of Ergonomic Societies (FEES), the Hungarian Ergonomic Society and the Austrian Ergonomic Society organized the 34th Summer School of Ergonomics from 7 to 9 July 2021. On 7 July 2021, at 17.00 a session was held for the presentation of current issues in the field of ergonomics, moderated by Prof. Anca Drăghici and with the interventions of doctoral students: Elena Boatcă, Paula Neag and Alin Găureanu.
  • "The importance of research for entrepreneurship", 18.11.2020, 19.00 (moderate debate by assoc. prof. Larisa Ivașcu, Ph.D) - online
  • "Storyborading research" - first edition, 06.05.2021, 12.00 (event during the MPT Days - 5th edition) - online

6. Projects

  • Consulting project number 12654 / 11.03.2022 / BC 40 / 01.04.2022, Traffic study to improve car and pedestrian traffic conditions in Dumbrăvița commune, Timiş county (prof. eng. dr. ec. Marian Mocan)
  • Introduction to Building Information Modelling and Digitalization, nr. 2021-1-RO01-KA220-HED-000023249 (assoc. prof. dr. eng. Mircea Negruț)
  • Community project entitled “Improving financial education for students of the Polytechnic University of Timișoara (EduFinUPT)” financed by Raiffeisen Communities through the sponsorship contract 57 / 21.10.2021 (coordinator prof. habil. dr. eng. Larisa IVAȘCU).
  • Consulting project number BC 35 / 23.03.2021 (project coordinator lecturer dr. Șerban MICLEA).
  • „Multimedia Competencies for University Staff to Empower University - Community Collaborations” (acronym MUST), project no. 2020-1-RO01-KA203-080399 (project coordinator prof. dr. eng. Anca DRĂGHICI) - project presentation HERE.

6. Discussion

  • Report for 1 year of activity 2020 - 2021 (16.12.2021, 11.00, only in Romanian language ) - presentation HERE