Bachelor degree in Engineering and Management (in Romanian)

This program has the mission to meet the needs of our students regarding the development of personal abilities, management knowledge specialization necessary in research and practice for obtaining performance and ultimately success in their professional career.

We promote our values which guide our actions as we work to accomplish our mission:

  • Professionalism and merit recognition in the student and teacher activities
  • Honesty and respect in interpersonal relations through the promotion of integrity, flexibility and cultural diversity 
  • Social and community responsibility, commitment to excellence and transparency in promoting high standards in academic research
  • Academic autonomy through the encouragement of impartiality, critical and analytical study so that students and professors can test and advance new and innovative ideas.

The objectives of the Bachelor program in Engineering and Management are:

  • to provide graduates with engineering and management knowledge, both theoretical and practical, useful for a professional career
  • to form management sskills that enable graduates to accomplish organizational tasks for strategic management abilities, which enable them to find answers to the current and future needs of companies
  • to develop personal and professional competences for managerial performance
  • to offer training for flexibility and adaptability development in various organizational environments, in multidisciplinary and cultural diversity conditions.

The Engineering and Management specialization addresses students who pursue engineering and management-oriented professional careers in all kind of organizations (companies, public institutions or non-profit organizations). From 2005-2006 Engineering and Management specialization full-time studies are organized according to the Bologna system with a duration of 4 years.