Engineering and Management - For today’s managers and future generation of specialists

 The Engineering and Management (EM) program is specially designed not only for today’s managers, but also for future specialists in industry, services and information technology management.

 We prepare you for modern business challenges, to obtain the competitive advantage for the company you are working for, build organizational culture and drive profitable growth.

 As managers, you will be able to create opportunities for success.

 EM offers a complete approach of the vocational nature of management, the necessary knowledge for developing an excellence driven business in an always changing competitive world. You will study the whole spectrum of subject areas like: engineering basis, management, marketing, economics, finance, project management, quality management, organizational system information development and many others.

 Becoming an expert in marketing

 You will have the possibility to learn all the necessary inter-related topics for becoming an expert in this domain. The program covers marketing basis, marketing management, consumer behaviour, marketing qualitative and quantitative analysis, till enabling the construction of the marketing mix.

 Management in your hands

 We nurture future leaders through communication, information technology studies and modern industrial technology information. By means of multiple examples and exercises, you will understand the importance of management and efficient IT development on our knowledge society.